Virtual Graph Paper - News

Clipboard support

I've added support for copying and pasting elements between sketches, using the Select tool and the standard Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V keyboard shortcuts (or ⌘-C, ⌘-V on macOS).

Please note that it is not currently possible to copy things from or to other applications, but only within Virtual Graph Paper.

New version

I've spent the past few months rewriting major parts of VGP to make it perform better on a wider range of devices and browsers. These changes are now finally live, which means you might encounter new bugs or weird behaviour (but if all goes well, you shouldn't notice much).

If you do run into issues, it would help me a lot if you report them.

Sketch recovery

When working on online sketches, it should now be possible to go back ~15 minutes by clicking the load previous version button on the account home page.

Freehand tool

I've added a new Freehand tool that let's you draw freely with your mouse, a stylus or a finger on touch-enabled devices:

Grid Colors

It's now possible to customize the grid colors in the Setup dialog:

Discussion board

I've been having some great interactions with users over e-mail*, and I decided to experiment with hosting a discussion board for the app.
To join the board, you can log in with your existing account, but you may be asked to choose a new username.

You can use the boards to ask questions or make suggestions for the app. And there's also a place to share your creations if you like to!

* E-mail is, alas, not perfect and sometimes I'm unable to reply to messages because of technical issues. If you never heard back from me that's probably why.

Go to coordinate

You can now press Ctrl-G to center your view at a given XY coordinate:

Splice tool

You can now use the Splice action of the Select tool to split a shape into separate segments: